Why is NC Leaf Important to Me?

NC LEAF is important to me because I am able to continue working in a field that I love without worrying about how I will survive, enjoy life, and pay back my debt on my current salary. NC LEAF takes away the pressure.

NC LEAF is important to keep attorneys in public interest law because there is a need for more attorneys in this area, but many people choose private practice to pay off the massive amount of debt we acquire in law school. If there were more opportunities available for people to work in this area without the worry of paying off law school debt, I think more people would be willing to pursue a career in public interest law immediately after law school.

Taittiona Miles

North Carolina Prisoner Legal Services

In 1999 I was fortunate to become employed with the Guilford County Public Defender’s Office in Greensboro. While the work was challenging and fulfilling, I struggled to stay afloat financially. The support I received from NC LEAF not only allowed me to continue defending the Constitution as an assistant public defender, it paved the way for me to become North Carolina’s first State Juvenile Defender.

Eric J. Zogry | Juvenile Defender

Office of the Juvenile Defender | Board Certified Specialist in Criminal Law-Juvenile Delinquency

It is no secret that law school costs a lot. I, like many law students, had to use student loans in order to help cover the cost.

After graduating from law school I had a plan to cover the cost. I decided to go into private practice. Not because I loved it but because I wanted a salary that justified the cost of of law school. After four months of a job I hated I decided to go into public service.

I have enjoyed every day serving as a prosecutor. NC LEAF is important to me because the organization’s generosity has allowed me to continue serving a community I love without worrying about paying student loans on a public servant’s salary.

Correll L. Kennedy

Assistant District Attorney
Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s Office