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The North Carolina Legal Education Assistance Foundation Helps North Carolina Lawyers Pursue Careers In Public Service Through Law School Loan Repayment Assistance.

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We need your help to meet  another Challenge! Thanks to supporters like you, we reached our 2012-13 matching funds goal of $15,000. The Chief Justice‚Äôs Equal Access to Justice Commission Foundation has generously agreed to match, dollar for dollar, the funds that we have raised to continue funding for the NC LEAF loan repayment assistance program again this year and every dollar counts.

Two years ago, the General Assembly voted to defund non-profits resulting in the loss of all state funding after 16 years of continuous support. A funding cut from $500,000 to zero made continuing to provide assistance challenging.The sudden loss of state money has forced us to quickly seek other sources of revenue. The NC Bar Association has been extremely generous by providing a $30,000 contribution to ensure continuation of the loan repayment program.  The NC State Bar is providing rent free office space in their new downtown Raleigh building.

Educational debt is the most commonly cited reason dedicated public interest attorneys leave the work they love for higher paying positions. New graduates are burdened with mortgage size law school debt making it challenging to accept State jobs offering $38,127 in compensation. The average debt load for graduates of NC law schools is $109,610.

Thank you in advance for your commitment to NC LEAF and the dedicated public interest attorneys throughout our state. Since its inception in 1989, NC LEAF has provided loan repayment assistance to more than 500 public interest attorneys remain in the jobs they love working as legal services providers, prosecutors and public defenders. NC LEAF remains committed to equal access to justice for all citizens through the recruitment and retention of public interest attorneys by helping to reduce mortgage size educational debt.